Welcome To Moore With Miles

Welcome To Moore With Miles

Moore With Miles

Hello and welcome to Moore With Miles. I started this site to document my business and personal travels, but over time found the information, tips, and tricks I had learned could be beneficial to others. Traveling for work also taught me loyalty programs and credit cards can make traveling significantly more enjoyable. I quickly learned which credit cards would help earn elite status, which ones would get you into airline lounges, and the best ways to spend miles and points.

On this site I hope to share my personal travel experiences, loyalty program and travel news, and provide information about existing loyalty programs. I will also try to provide helpful information about the best ways to use miles and points. Most importantly I hope to prevent people from using credit card points to offset charges or purchase merchandise. It pains me every time I hear a friend of college tell me they used credit card points to purchase things from rewards shopping portals.

I look forward to sharing, welcome and safe travels!

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