4th Night Free From Citi Prestige Booking Experience

4th Night Free From Citi Prestige Booking Experience

One of the most underrated credit card benefits today is the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit. Effectively when card-holders book a hotel through the Citi Concierge they’ll (eventually) receive a statement credit for the 4th paid night. The best part, as if it wasn’t already good enough, is that this benefit is UNLIMITED. Card-holders can use this benefit as many times as they want throughout the year. Unfortunately, Citi is changing the rules slightly in July, but the benefit remains essentially the same.

How Does The 4th Night Free Benefit Work?

Using the benefit is fairly simple, but not as simple as I’d like. Card-holders must contact the Citi Concierge to book an eligible 4th night free stay. For my upcoming trip I called the number on the back of the Citi Prestige card to discuss booking options. After selecting a hotel and confirming the dates, the Citi Concierge sends the card-holder a confirmation email. The email entails the total estimated stay price and estimated statement credit from the 4th night free benefit. A statement credit for the cost of the 4th night is added to the card-holder’s account shortly after payment. While talking to the Citi Concierge I was told to expect credit within a month or two following payment.

Minor Changes Coming In July 2017

This benefit is changing slightly after July 23, 2017. Currently the 4th night free, as the name implies, is a statement credit for 4th night. If the first three nights cost $100 and the 4th night costs $200, you’d receive a credit for $200. After July 23, you’ll receive a credit based on the average cost of the stay (not including taxes). Even so, you are still receiving a 25% credit on the stay which I consider a great deal. Additionally, because the 4th night free benefit covers the room rate, you could get extra savings by purchasing a room rate which bundles meal or parking charges.

My Experience Booking

I rarely use this benefit because because I can’t use my personal credit card for work travel. However, I have an upcoming trip which would qualify for the benefit. For this trip I decided to use the Citi Concierge to help in the search process. Before looking online at hotel rates, etc. I called the Citi Concierge to discuss what hotels would best suite my travel plans. The phone representative was very helpful in narrowing it down to three hotel options. I was supposed to receive an email with the options/prices listed, but it never came. A few weeks later, with a specific hotel in mind, I again called the Citi Concierge and booked the room. I received a booking confirmation email and an estimated rebate by email a few hours later.

For my booking I selected a pre-paid non-refundable rate. The charges appeared on my card shortly after hanging up the phone with the Citi Concierge. I received a second email approximately 12 days following the booking which indicated the statement credit would post within 10 business days.

Tips For Booking The 4th Night Free

From my experience I think the best way to book the 4th night free is to search online for hotels, get room rates, and then call Citi with a specific booking in mind. Based on the two conversations I had with phone representatives, it seemed as though prices matched those offered directly from the hotel’s website. It seems that most major hotel brands qualify for the 4th night free benefit. This means there is little risk of picking a property and finding out that it is not eligible.

Also, it is worth noting that Lucky over at OneMileAtATime has discovered 4th night free bookings can be made via email. Personally, I found talking to the Concierge on the phone helped on my particular booking. That being said, if you know exactly which room and rate you wish to book, an email may be easier.

Final Thoughts

I wish the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit was easier to use. It would be nice to simply book a hotel, use the card, and receive the statement credit after your stay. That being said, booking with the Citi Concierge is a fairly painless process that only took about 10 minutes in total.

It’s important to consider the overall price of the paid stay when using the 4th night free benefit. Prices are nearly identical to those offered directly from the hotel websites. Although you receive a 25% rebate on the entire stay, there may be cheaper overall prices available through discounted online hotel booking websites. Additionally, there might hotels which don’t qualify for the benefit, but offer lower rates.

Overall, I love the Citi Prestige’s 4th night free benefit. It is a unique card benefit which helps set the Citi Prestige apart from the competitive premium credit card market. I personally do not get much use from the benefit, but anyone who is reimbursed for paid hotel stays on a personal card should definitely consider carrying the Citi Prestige card in their wallet.