LOL: Bow Wow Caught In A Private Jet Lie

LOL: Bow Wow Caught In A Private Jet Lie

Shad Moss (aka Bow Wow) was recently caught in a fairly hilarious lie. The rapper posted an image of a private jet on his Instagram account letting his fans know he was traveling to New York for press. The picture, posted to his account, featured a Gulfstream jet, Mercedes S-Class, and a Mercedes VIP van. Beneath the image the caption read “travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop. Lets gooo. I promise to bring yall the hottest show EVER.” Additionally, the photo included a location tag at PDK – Dekalb Peachtree Airport.

Bow Wow Flying Private Commercial From Atlanta to New York

At face value the above image makes it fairly clear that he’s flying private from Atlanta to New York on a press tour. This is nothing out of the ordinary for a celebrity. Networks, Studios, etc. often let talent fly private when doing press.

There is just one small problem. Shortly after the rapper posted the image a Snapchat user posted a second image. The second image featured Bow Wow seated on a commercial flight just moments later. It appears Bow Wow lied about flying private during his press tour and instead he flew commercial.

After a little more investigation it was revealed the image is from a Fort Lauderdale private jet charter company.

Bow Wow Reveals There Is A ‘Science’ To The Process

Social media and the press had a field day roasted Bow Wow for posting the image. #BowWowChallenge started trending on twitter with users posting themselves doing extravagant things next to a “reality” image.

In an attempt to explain why he posted the image he told Hot 97 there is a “science” to his madness. He tries to explain how the whole thing will make sense once his new show airs on WE. He goes on to say that people must watch to find out.

As the interview goes on Bow Wow explains how the caption of the image doesn’t stat that the plane is his. To his credit, the ambiguous language beneath the quote doesn’t claim that he’s flying private, just that he’s traveling. What’s better, apparently this isn’t the first time he’s been caught in a social media lie. Months prior Bow Wow posted an image of a bag of cash with an “inspiration quote” about making money. He was again busted as the bag of cash wasn’t his. He again explains how the quote doesn’t say the cash is his!

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I sort of respect the hustle. He clearly posted the image to present the image that he’s “made it” and is flying private. When he was finally busted he opted to leave the image up and isn’t backing down. In fact, he’s doubling down on the lie and telling fans that it’ll all make sense once his show airs. To give him credit the wording in the caption sort of gets him off the hook, but I don’t think he’s fooling anyone by saying his intention wasn’t to convince people that the was flying private.