Review: Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F

Review: Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F

Shortly after finalizing my award bookings for my Star Alliance First Class Weekend I was on a Delta flight to Atlanta. Luckily on this trip I finally had time to visit the Delta Sky Club located in Atlanta’s Concourse F. Atlanta is one of the biggest airports I’ve ever been to. There are currently 6 different concourses, all of which feature a Delta Sky Club location. A few months ago I stopped in Atlanta to visit the newly renovated Delta Sky Club Concourse B location, but have never been able to make it to the Concourse F lounge. Luckily this trip I finally made it to the lounge which didn’t disappoint.

How To Access The Atlanta Concourse F Delta Sky Club

Anyone who pays for a Delta Sky Club annual membership has access to all Delta Sky Club locations in the US and abroad. Additionally, the following passengers have access to Delta Sky Club locations when traveling with Delta or partner airlines:

  • Transcontinental Delta One Passengers
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus Members (when traveling internationally)
  • Delta One or SkyTeam International Premium Cabin Passengers
  • Delta Medallion Elites Who Choose Sky Club Membership
  • American Express Platinum Card Holders (when traveling with Delta)
  • Delta Reserve Card Holders
  • Virgin Australia VIP Elite Members

The official delta Sky Club access and policies are found here. For my trip I had access to the Delta Sky Club thanks to the American Express Platinum card.

Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F Location

Atlanta Airport Concourse F
Second floor of the F Concourse

The Concourse F Delta Sky Club is located on the second floor of the F Concourse. The main entrance to the lounge is just across the terminal from the food court. As you enter Concourse F from the Plane Train there are sets of escalators on either end of the terminal which take passengers upstairs to the Sky Club.

Delta Sky Club Concourse F Entrance
Delta Sky Club Concourse F Entrance

After passing through the sliding blue glass doors Delta Sky Club agents swiped my American Express Platinum card and scanned my boarding pass. Interestingly down the hallway to the left of the main entrance is a secondary entrance which leads directly to the shower facilities. The second entrance was closed when I visited the lounge a few weeks ago.

Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F Seating Areas

After entering the lounge there is a large open seating area immediately to the right side of the lounge. I was at the lounge in the early evening, right before several international departures, and this area was quite noisy.

Delta Sky Club Concourse F Main Room
Main Seating Area

If you look closely at the above picture you’ll notice the handrail to the stairs which lead to a smaller seating area. That seating area which much quieter and had several power towers to plug in electronic devices. When I was in the upper seating area there were a few older gentleman taking business calls since the area is much quieter than the room below. There is also additional seating around and past the bar area. The long narrow hallway leading from the bar to the shower facilities offers traditional high-top desk space and other seating.

Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F Food And Bar Areas

Located just to the left after entering the lounge is the traditional Delta Sky Club snack bar. Food options were identical to those offered at other Delta Sky Club locations these days. I must say I’m happy Delta added the warm hot food options such as the grilled chicken and soups in addition to the regular chicken and potato salads.

Delta Sky Club Concourse F Bar
Delta Sky Club Concourse F Snack Bar and Bar

Just behind the spread of snacks is the full service Delta Sky Club bar. Similar to most Sky Club locations draft beers, some wine, and some cocktails are complimentary. Guests can of course order premium beverages from the drink list for an added fee. Personally I was satisfied with the Miller Lite and Sweet Water 420 EPA draft options. The Miller Lite was especially delightful while sitting on the Sky Deck!

Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F Sky Deck

Delta Sky Club Concourse F Sky Deck
Delta Sky Club Concourse F Sky Deck – Stop Taking Vertical Photos!

After going back for my second beer, after all I wanted this to be a thorough review, I made my way to the Sky Deck. Yes, Delta loves the word Sky… So far the Delta Sky Deck may just be my favorite airline lounge amenity. During my visit the sun was shining and the temperature was just around 75F. It was a perfect day to sit outside, drink a beer, and watch planes take off!

Delta Sky Club Concourse F Sky Deck
Delta Sky Club Concourse F Sky Deck

The Sky Deck feels more like an outdoor rooftop bar than an airline lounge. The large red awning offers plenty of shade to those who want it while there is still plenty of open area to get some sun. The large windowed viewing area overlooks the Concourse F ramp which offered incredible views of some 767 jets taxing to their gates.

Delta Sky Club Concourse F Sky Deck View
Delta Sky Club Concourse F Sky Deck View

I am so thankful for the wonderful weather during my visit! I left cold and wet Chicago and flew to equally cold and wet New York. This was the perfect place to sit back and relax before my next few flights.

Delta Sky Club Atlanta Concourse F Restrooms And Showers

The main restrooms are located adjacent to the Sky Club bar. I can’t speak to the women’s restroom, but the men’s room featured two fully enclosed stalls and three urinals. Overall I found the bathroom was incredibly small given the number of people in the Sky Club during my visit.

No Photos Please

By far the weirdest part of blogging is taking pictures of public areas. I wanted to get an interior picture of the restroom area, but I never got a chance. People probably thought I was weird enough taking dozens of photos of the Sky Club food.

The shower rooms are located at the far end of the Sky Club, but are clearly marked. I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of the shower rooms as they were all full during my time in the lounge. Showers are available on a first come first served basis so if you plan on showering make sure to put your name down early.

Final Thoughts

One of the things that really impresses me with Delta are the Delta Sky Clubs and the Atlanta Concourse F location is no exception. I absolutely love the Delta Sky Deck at this club and think it may be my favorite airline club amenity out there.

The only downside to this location is its, um, location. The lounge is located at the far end of the airport. This makes it nearly impossible to visit when flying out of the A-C concourses. I’ve tried to visit this club a few times now and never have had the time to make it to/from the club in time to catch my connecting flight. Luckily this time I had a nearly 2 hour connections which was more than enough to finally explore this location.