My One Time United Club Passes Actually Arrived

My One Time United Club Passes Actually Arrived

For me the most valuable benefit of the United MileagePlus Explorer card are the two one-time United Club passes card members receive each year. What’s great is the passes are available right as you sign up so you don’t have to wait until a card member anniversary to receive them. A few weeks after opening my United MileagePlus Explorer card an envelope arrived. The envelope contained “important information,” but most importantly also included my two United Club passes. Well, at least that’s what the envelope said.

Once the envelope arrived I sat down and started writing about the arrival of my United Club passes. Halfway into writing a post I opened the envelope and the passes weren’t inside. At the bottom of the welcome page (where the passes should have been) was just a large blank space. Obviously it made for an interesting post considering the passes weren’t really in my possession.

Reaching Out To Chase On Twitter

Usually when I have an issue like this with a credit card company the best way to contact them is though Twitter. I know to many that may sound outrageous, but Twitter has become my go to place for customer service. Obviously I’d have eventually received the passes by calling Chase directly, but with Twitter I can interact with a customer service representative on my own time.

Once I realized the passes were missing I sent a tweet to @ChaseSupport letting them know my situation. Within a few minutes I received the first message in the below conversation. Shortly thereafter I responded with my information and received their reply.

Chase Twitter Convo
Chase Twitter Convo

After that original interaction I hadn’t received any additional followup from Chase or United. Then approximately 15 days later a second envelope arrived.

My United MileagePlus Explorer One Time United Club Passes Arrived!

Just over two weeks after my twitter message to Chase my United Club passes actually arrived. The passes arrived in a similar envelope as the original welcome kit, but did not include any of the welcome information. I’m guessing this is the same mailer Chase sends to other MileagePlus Explorer card holders at each card member anniversary.

Inside the envelope contained a single page thanking me for being a MileagePlus Explorer card holder and a separate page with the two one time United Club passes attached. On the back of the passes are the expiration dates and bar codes for the club agents to scan. Also, the back of the passes explain that each pass is only valid for one person for one visit when flying United.

Final Thoughts

I’m thrilled to have finally received my one time United Club passes from the United MileagePlus Explorer card. I’m not sure when the next time I’ll fly United is, but hopefully sometime before these passes expire.

A few months ago I received two of the passes from a friend, but couldn’t use them. United temporarily restricted access to United Clubs at Chicago Ohare due to construction. At that time I ended up giving out the passes to two strangers in the Minneapolis Airport. If I don’t end up using theses passes again I’ll probably end up doing that again.