Easy Ways To Earn Bonus Hilton Honors Points

Easy Ways To Earn Bonus Hilton Honors Points

Yesterday I discussed a unique opportunity to earn AAdvantage miles and Hilton Honors points with qualifying hotels stays in Canada. While signing up for that promotion I discovered a tab on the Hilton webpage that I need to visit more often. After logging into my Hilton Honors account I noticed the “View Promotions” tab at the top of the page. If you click that link you’re taken to a page of currently offered Hilton Honors promotions. I’m not sure what offers are typically available, but there are currently two offers worth looking into.

Earn Bonus Hilton Honors When Booking Through The Mobile App

Hilton obviously has a much better name for this promotion. The Superchain is calling this promotion “The Hilton Honors App Bonus Promotion.” See, it’s catchy. Well, although the name isn’t fantastic the offer is. Basically from now through December 31, 2017 Hilton Honors members earn an extra 500 Hilton Honors points for each completed stay booked through the Hilton Honors App. The best news, there is not cap to the number of Hilton Honors points you can earn with this promotion.

As with most promotions, Hilton Honors must first register for the promotion through the “My Offers” webpage. Once registered simply log-in to the Hilton Honors app on a mobile device and book your stay. Keep in mind you earn the 500 point bonus after each qualifying stay. Hilton defines a stay as the number of nights between checking in and checking out. Technically you could check-in and out multiple times during a scheduled stay and rack up a ton of extra Hilton Honors points! Just make sure to book via the mobile app and register to qualify.

Signing up for this offer is simply a no-brainer. It’s free to register and simple enough to complete. Booking through mobile apps aren’t quite as easy as booking through the hotel’s website, but you could always search on the website and book via the app. Essentially, booking through the app isn’t inconvenient enough for me to miss out on 500 extra Hilton Honors points per stay.

Double Points On Every Stay

Again, clearly Hilton’s marketing department is putting long hours into coming up with these names. As the name suggests from now until August 31, 2017 registered members will earn double Hilton Honors points on each paid stay. Hilton’s offered this promotion since May 1, 2017, but as I mentioned, this is the first time I’ve visited the Hilton promotions page. Even if I knew of the promotion, I haven’t stayed at a Hilton once in 2017!

That being said, the promotion is valid at nearly all Hilton properties and simply offers a 100% points bonus after each qualifying stay. Registration is simple and takes just a few seconds to activate. Once activated you should earn double Hilton Honors points on all paid stays from now until August 31, 2017. Since the promotion is based on stays it doesn’t matter if you register after booking, just make sure to register prior to completing your stay. However, if your stay goes beyond the Aug, 31 deadline (Ex. Aug 30 – Sept 2) you’ll only earn double points for the nights stayed prior to August 31, 2017. Additionally, Hilton Honors Diamond members earn triple points with this promotion.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to admit this, but I don’t spend nearly enough time poking around each loyalty programs website to find these offers. Usually I only find out about offers if I receive a promotional email from the program. This means that I often miss out on easy ways to earn bonus points like those listed above.

I’m glad I finally checked the Hilton Honors promotion site because I have an upcoming stay. If I didn’t check the website I would have missed out on this opportunity to earn double miles on my stay. Luckily since the stay ends prior to the promotion I’ll earn double miles on an already booked weekend stay!

This serves as a welcomed reminder to check each brand’s current or upcoming promotions every so often. You often won’t know about these promotions unless you check. Also, brands often offer targeted promotions which differ from those listed above. By checking each brands current promotions you may find even more lucrative opportunities to earn bonus points.