A General Issue With Metal Credit Cards

A General Issue With Metal Credit Cards

Metal credit cards are all the rage these days. Cards from the American Express Centurion card all the way down to the Chase Sapphire Preferred card now come in a sleek metal version. While I initially thought metal card were “neat” I’m quickly starting to prefer standard plastic cards.

There are a few different reasons I’m starting to dislike these new metal cards; and no it’s not the added weight of my wallet. For starters, I hate traveling internationally with metal cards. Outside of the US metal cards aren’t the norm. In fact, internationally metal cards are quite rare. This means that every time you had your metal card to someone they’ll instantly acknowledge it. I don’t love this because attention is the last thing I want when visiting a far off land. Having a cashier comment on your card instantly tips anyone nearby off that you’re a tourist. While this is an issue, it’s not the only reason I am starting to really dislike metal cards.

My Metal Cards Are Falling Apart!

I’m not exactly sure what’s causing it. My guess is that it’s humidity in my pants pocket which is causing the degradation, but either way my metal credit cards are falling apart, quickly. I first noticed it on my Chase Sapphire Reserve card which for a while now has been my daily driver. What I first noticed was staining around the corners. At the top right corner of my Sapphire Reserve card (blue area) is a large stained spot. It’s quite ugly yet still not the only issue. Apparently, this stain is actually the metal starting to rust. This rust ruins the bond between the plastic bits glued to the metal card. As a result those plastic pieces are starting to fall off.

The problem isn’t too bad on my Sapphire Reserve card. Only two corners of the card are starting to peel back. The issue luckily isn’t stopping the card from working, but I imagine with time the issue will get worse. Which brings me to my American Express Platinum Card.

Similar to the Sapphire Reserve, I noticed my new metal American Express Platinum card begin to rust just a few months after I received it. Then, a few weeks ago I noticed all four corners of the card are becoming unglued. This problem came to a head yesterday when, while pulling the card out of my wallet, I noticed approximately 60% of the card’s information panel is unglued from the metal card. At this rate, I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time until the entire back panel of the card detaches from the metal. Obviously this would render the card useless.

Final Thoughts

I like that card issuers are trying to make premium credit cards “feel” more premium, but what’s the point if the card breaks down sooner than a typical credit card. I have standard plastic credits that I’ve used for years with no issue. Now I’m going to have to call Amex and request a replacement card. While this literally takes two or three minutes (not the problem) it’ll mean I’ll have to update my card information on various websites. A new card means a new security code and expiration date which I’ll have to update if I want certain services to continue automatically charging my card.

Has anyone else been noticing this issue? Perhaps it’s worth just requesting plastic versions of all these cards.