Ordering A Replacement American Express Platinum Card

Ordering A Replacement American Express Platinum Card

A few days ago I received an alert from my Apple Wallet that $600 had been charged to my American Express Platinum card. The only thing that was different about this charge is that I didn’t make it. Somehow someone fraudulently charge my American Express Platinum card. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with fraudulent charges on one of my cards. Since it was my first time dealing fraud I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. However, in the end the entire process was extremely painless and just three days later I have my shiny new metal American Express Platinum card in hand.

Reporting The Fraudulent Charge To American Express

American Express is known for their stellar customer service and that theme showed up when I gave them a call to report the fraudulent charges. Shortly after seeing the charge hit my account I called the number on the back of my card. After telling a computer when I needed the system connected me to a customer service representative. I explained the situation and he then transferred me to the fraud department. At that point I again explained what happened. The fraud agent asked me a few basic questions and before long began the process of sending me a new card.

One of the things I love about American Express is their willingness to expedite credit card shipments. The agent told me that it would take about 5-7 business days to receive my new card. However, I of course wanted the card sooner and therefore requested expedited shipment. Two days later my new American Express Platinum card came in a FedEx envelope.

Changing My American Express Platinum Card Recurring Payments

I try to avoid setting up recurring payments (subscriptions) on credit cards because I like to really think about if I need such and such service each time I pay the bill. However, there are some services (Netflix, monthly transit, etc.) that automatically charge me each month. Usually when you get a new credit card with a new expiration date and CVV code you have to manually go through the process of changing all of those subscriptions. American Express however makes it incredibly simple.

American Express allows you to continue charging your old account number. So for most subscriptions I didn’t have to change a thing. Eventually the saved card will expire and I’ll have to update my subscriptions, but until then I can allow the service to continue charging my old card number.

Adding My New American Express Platinum Card To My Mobile Wallet

This process was even easier than not changing my subscriptions. Approximately 20 minutes after hanging up the phone my Platinum card number automatically updated in my mobile wallet. Before I even had the new card in had I was able to charge the updated mobile card. As more and more places take Apple Pay etc. I’m sure this will be a very welcomed feature.

When my new card arrived I didn’t have to do anything to update my mobile wallet as it was already done for me. Instead I just had to activate the card as you always do and I was good to go.

Activating My New American Express Platinum Card

Usually when you receive a new credit card there is a phone number to call in order to activate the card. Typically you simply dial the number and type in the card number. Next the system generally asks for you to confirm your identity. The process wasn’t difficult, but I always found it a bit archaic.

With my new American Express Platinum card there was a sticker on the front, but this time the sticker directed me to a website. Specifically the website on the sticker was AmericanExpress.com/activate. Once you launch the page you’ll find a space for you to enter your new card number and security code. After entering that information you’re automatically sent to another page where you type in a PIN. Once all that is completed your card is activated. In total, the online process of activating the card took no more than a minute.

Adding Amex Offers To My New Card

I’ve written about American Express offers before, but they are essentially coupons you add to your credit card account. When you charge your card at the participating store you automatically receive the rebate. To take advantage of these offers you have to add each one to your card. Luckily, as with the subscriptions and mobile wallet, American Express automatically adds offers added to your old card to your new card.

This was probably the feature that I appreciated the most about getting a new card. After calling Amex and reporting the fraud the last thing I thought about was adding offers to my card. I added a lot of offers to my old card that I hope to use before the end of the year so it’s nice that I won’t have to go through that process again.

Final Thoughts

Fraud is never fun, but American Express makes it painless. I always assumed having a card number stolen would be a nightmare. Instead the whole process was so easy. When I noticed the fraudulent charge I called American Express. A short while later Amex deactivated my old card and shipped me a new one. All of my subscriptions transferred easily to my new card number and my mobile card updated immediately. While I don’t want this to happen again, at least I now know that it’s not that big of a deal. Oh and of course, American Express is not holding me responsible for the fraudulent charge.