About Moore With Miles

Who is Moore With Miles?

Moore With Miles is a Chicago based road warrior who frequently writes about his travel experiences, travel industry news, credit cards, and loyalty programs. He hopes to help readers understand those seemingly boring business trips can become significantly more enjoyable with a little research.

Which Loyalty Programs Does Moore With Miles Use?

Moore is primarily loyal to American Airlines, Hertz, and Marriott so majority of information found on this site will in some way relate to those loyalty programs.Although he may not be an expert in regards to other loyalty programs he continues to expand his knowledge of the travel industry and will provide useful information relating to the travel industry.

As for credit cards, he currently maintains lines of credit with American Express, Chase, Citi, Barclaycard, and Bank of America.

Is He A High Roller?

No, but he thinks he is.


Opinions expressed on this site will be from the point of view of an avid traveler who’s company forces him to purchase discount economy tickets, use his personal car, and rarely spends over $1,000 a month on personal expenses (unless a credit card signup bonus is in play).

On a personal note, I hope you find some or all of this information useful. Please subscribe to the blog or feel free to follow Moore on twitter @coryrmoore for updates!

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